you and me

english Mentorship Program

What are you working on?

Imagine this… you finally got the job! You’re working for an international company and using English daily.

Emails, presentations
and constant meetings in English.

So, what are you working on?
And what can I help you with?

YOU and ME is a conversation based language learning experience that shares tangible resources.

Working side by side with a native English speaker is one of the countless benefits of participating in this program.

Unique approaches ensure that you advance towards your goals.

Working one-on-one we will:

Set specific goals for your English practice.

Learn strategies and tools to think in English.

Fine tune your ear to understand native speakers.


As requested


As needed

If you choose to participate
you will receive access to:

4 LIVE Zoom calls/month

With me, a native speaker!

Q & A sessions

Weekly messages where we practice «free-talk».

Customizable approaches

To fit your personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

My courses are designed to help people
learn and practice in a more natural setting.

Using effective approaches we advance together.

Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student.

How much does the program cost and how can I pay?

Para conocer los precios actuales de las clases, por favor completa el formulario que se encuentra a continuación. Los pagos pueden realizarse en Pesos Argentinos o Dólares Estadounidenses a través de una transferencia bancaria en línea.

When are the live calls?

Las llamadas en vivo se programan entre vos y yo, teniendo en cuenta nuestra disponibilidad. A medida que confirmes tu lugar, vamos viendo el horario que queda más cómodo para vos!

What if I miss a class?

No problem! We try to maintain a weekly schedule but things come up! Classes can be made up within the month.

Can we meet twice a month?

Yes! My suggestion is usually to meet once a week, however some students like to meet once every two weeks. If that’s your case, we can make those arrangements!

I want this support!

If you’d like more info about You & Me, please fill out the form below.
You can also reach me directly at

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