What if you could finally
learn a second language?

Trust me, this isn’t our high school Spanish class.

This program is special to me because I’m a Spanish student as well. We work one on one together towards conversing in Spanish. I’ve found success through these methods and now I’m sharing my exact tools and strategies with you!

Spanish Language
Private Tutoring Program.

Are you in need of Spanish to communicate at work?
Or maybe you are planning on visiting a Spanish speaking country? Do you want to speak with the locals?

What are you working on? And how can I help you?

PUENTE is a private tutoring program designed to focus on the student’s particular needs.

PUENTE is a conversation based language learning experience with tangible resources included.

This program offers maximum support. Keep in mind that I will be available to you on a daily basis.

Through unique approaches we ensure that each student is advancing towards their goals. Working side by side with a fluent Spanish speaker is one of the countless benefits of participating in this program.

In this course you will:

Set clear goals for your Spanish practice.

Learn strategies and tools to think in Spanish.

Practice phrases and real life expressions.


As requested


As needed

If you choose to participate
you will receive access to:

Lesson plans

designed specifically for YOU.

2 LIVE Zoom calls/month

with me, a fluent Spanish speaker!

Q & A sessions

together, where we practice «free-talk».

Customizable approaches

to fit your personal experiences/needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

My courses are designed to help people
learn and practice in a more natural setting.

Using effective approaches we advance together.

Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student.

How much does the program cost and how can I pay?

For current class prices please fill out the form below. Payments can be made in Argentine Pesos or US Dollars through an online bank transfer.

When are the live calls?

Live calls are arranged between you and me. Once we’ve decided to start working together, we figure out a time that works best according to your availability.

What if I miss a class?

No problem! We try to maintain a weekly schedule but things come up! Classes can be made up within the month.

Can we meet more than twice a month?

Yes! My suggestion is usually to meet once every two weeks, however most students like to meet once a week. If that’s your case, we can make those arrangements!

Save your Spot!

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about Puente!
You can also reach me at connect@lagringacath.com.

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