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I'm Catherine. A language teacher, yoga student, and friend.

Being bilingualbuilds confidence!

Your practice will become comfortable & strong!

The ability to live and work in multiple languages can open so many doors. I do it, and my students do too!  Communicating with confidence in yourself is the first step and trust us, it’s essential.

What was your experience learning a language in school? I am a native English speaker and I had Spanish class. I felt okay with writing and listening, however, when put into real world situations, I couldn’t actually speak! I was fearful of making mistakes and tired of translating in my head.

Working with me offers a unique approach. I consider the development of your second language a practice. It is something continuous. Yes, I am here to guide you but you are also given tools that invite you to explore on your own.

My methods are simple and highly effective. They are based on my experience  I have helped students all over the world. I teach you strategies that have you speaking more fluently after just one class!

Live lessons

A comfortable space where we work in real time.

Customizable approaches

Class is unique, so are you!

We adapt our creative strategies to fit your needs

Q & A sessions

An excuse for us to practice   “real-talk” y sacar tus dudas

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Florence, Italy

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Finally trust in your ability to express yourself !

Finally trust in your ability to express yourself !

Finally trust in your ability to express yourself !

Learn English

Confidence to Amplify your World

Next group: June 22nd, 2023

A different approach to English starts here. Our 4 week program emphasizes fundamental language skills but also teaches you to trust in your ability to express yourself! It is a great home base for new and existing students.

Learn English

Confidence and Company

Next group: to be confirmed

Our conversation club is the space where we solidify our community and continue exploring. We discuss topics, share opinions and mates! Thinking naturally in English is our goal and we grow stronger together.

Learn English

You and Me

Private lessons

Our English mentorship program is the highest level of support I offer. YOU and ME is a conversation based language learning experience designed to focus on each student’s particular needs. Class is constructive yet feels like a chat with a friend.

Learn Spanish


Private Lessons

Trust me, this isn’t our high school Spanish class. This program is special to me because I’m a Spanish student as well. We work one on one together towards conversing in Spanish. I’ve found success through these methods and now I’m sharing my exact tools and strategies with you! 

About Cath

I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2015 with a degree in Hotel/Business Management and a minor in Spanish Language. I am a TESOL certified English Teacher. 

I started teaching English in 2017 with Open English, working with children all over Latin America. For the past 4 years, I have worked for a similar company based out of Beijing, China. 

I am certified through the Center for Applied Linguistics to assess the English language proficiency of adult English language learners in the United States.

As an entrepreneur and creative spirit, what challenges me the most is designing my own courses. I work to help my community use English to advance in their lives. 

Thanks to countless hours of work that I love, I have grown into a more confident teacher. 

Clients Experiences

(Unedited and intimate!)

"I am having classes with Cath and it is nice to experience. It is not just a conventional class, it is at the next level because I have to think out of the box and I have to deal with different, not regular topics. For example the last time we talked about how to build a house and all terminology that is involved."

Peche, Tandil, Argentina | You and Me, Mentorship Program.

"Cath supports me to get the confidence that I was looking for! For a student the most difficult part is the first baby steps: talking, pronunciation, handling a conversation! She's so sweet and kind, for me was the key to lose the shame of talking in public! If you are looking for a creative and fun class, this is your safe space! I highly recommend it!"

Cynthia, Bahrain | Confidence to Amplify your World.

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